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Millennial Profit

Money Maker Profit Bags (21"x15"x14")

Money Maker Profit Bags (21"x15"x14")

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I'm so excited to finally bring you all my first product, Millennial Profit tote bags! Use these to carry all of your packages to the post office and/or take sourcing with you. More designs in the works.


This bag is available in 1, 2, and 5 packs. The more you order, the cheaper they are!  Each bag has "Money maker" printed on both sides as well as "Hustle" on the handles. As always, Free Shipping on everything!


Product details:

100% polypropylene

Easy to clean with a damp cloth

Easy to store as it folds flat


Width: 21"

Depth: 13"

Height: 15"

Volume: 2401 oz

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